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NEWS : 01Net magazine talks about Zaclys!

It happens on page 46 of the magazine of April 2017, the article is entitled "the panoply anti-GAFA ideal". Zaclys is visibly shown as a credible alternative to some known services. Thanks to 01Net :-)


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Mother Zaclys (association law 1901) offers you various alternative services:

  • partage photo

    Album - Albums photos easy

    Easily create photo albums, private, public or Shared with friends : You simply enter their email address and with a simple click you send them Personal and secure invitation By email which allows you to visit your album without creating an account!
    In each album you drop your photos, they are Automatically adjusted and returned And presented in a plate of vignettes or in slideshow. Each photo can be zoomed and downloaded easily! Everything is designed to be Simple and practical !

    Discover Album Service

  • envoi gros fichiers

    Sending - Sending large files

    A problem to send a large file from your mail? This service is for you! Free, simple, secure and without registration.

    Join Sending Service
  • owncloud gratuit

    Cloud - Synchronize your data

    With Zaclys ownCloud, take advantage of a hosted cloud in France and synchronize your data with confidence.

    Discover the Cloud Service
  • boite mail

    Mail - your mailbox @

    Open an alternative mailbox at Zaclys (reserved for the members of the association).

    Discover Mail Service
  • lecteur rss

    Flux - this is the RSS feed reader from Mother Zaclys

    Just add the addresses of the websites or RSS feeds that interest you and leave!

    Join the RSS Service
  • astuces

    Tips - the encyclopedia of knowledge:

    Tips is a community site for sharing and safeguarding know-how.
    A practical encyclopedia made by enthusiasts.Our goal is to let you benefit from the teaching of specialists from all walks of life, in a single place called Tricks.

And also, under development to test:


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Some numbers ?

Tips & Tricks :
  • 336 items
  • 2 891 541 clicks
  • 460 reactions
Album :
  • 9  884 users
  • 47  379 albums
  • 3 718 275 photos
  • 46 678 545 clicks
  • 8  314 reviews
Cloud :
  • 5  690 active accounts
Mail @ :
  • 1  095 mail boxes
  • 1  845 addresses (aliases)
Nas, the zclef :
  • 146 zclef open
Flux :
  • 266 users
  • 9  855 rss threads
  • 998 630 billets
And also :
  • 20  337 members
  • 2  130 adherents

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