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Service cut from 1 hour to 3am on the mail service (January 2017)

Problem of volume on the backups of this service victim of its success, one is obliged to suspend the service 1 hour of time for the backup (the waiting mails are not lost). We will pass the service as soon as possible on ZFS to improve this.


5-minute shutdown on the main site on 23/11/2016 around 14h30

Problem with the security script

Cancellation SMS service: 16/11/2016 from midnight to 9am approximately

PB on sms reception on double authentication service, service cut as pb renewal of our monthly subscription at ovh


Service shutdown on the main site on 24/02/2016 morning

Problem of disk space on the Apache SSL mutex of the main website when Apache flush in automatic at 4h, the robot could not restart.
We have multiplied the Kernel's Shared Memory space by 10 and added monitoring to track CPIs on a daily basis.
[Wed Feb 24 04: 01: 34.660239 2016] [core: emerg] [pid 12190] (28) No space left on device: AH00023: Could not create the ssl-cache mutex,p125,472